R2EV now provides Energy @Home systems for residential use. With R2EV’s Demand Response program, and a Federal Tax credit your system could be 100% paid for. Lowering your energy bill, providing backup power, and integrating renewable energy - all for free!
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R2EV’s Fuel 2.0 battery is a portable energy solution for any energy problem. It is the only battery system in the world that can be used to provide emergency power to your home or office, and can also be used to provide a complete electric vehicle recharge in under 5 min. Fuel 2.0 is the solution to bring clean renewable energy to the Smart Grid and EVs.

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Emergency power for your business or residence - reduce your peak power consumption and save hundreds or thousands annually.

Tax credits are available for our energy storage systems.

Learn more about Fuel 2.0 energy storage.

Scalable, removable batteries for all electric or hybrid electric vehicles. Fuel 2.0 is the most efficient method to transfer energy into any type of electric vehicle.

If you are converting your vehicle, are a fleet manager or an OEM, learn more about Fuel 2.0 for vehicles.

Smart Gridhttp://r2ev.com/overviewshapeimage_6_link_0

The Smart Grid requires energy storage. Fuel 2.0 creates storage that can be used on the grid or to quickly replace EV energy for long range travel.

The Network will be capable of supporting blackouts and clean transportation, while saving customers money over time. Learn more about Fuel 2.0 and the Smart Grid.


5/2011 - R2EV announces Fuel 2.0 @Home Energy system and Demand Response program.

11/2009 - R2EV selected as top 10 new innovations in the Smart Grid at GreenBeat 2009.

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Do you want R2EV’s Fuel 2.0™ battery cell system in your home at no charge? Click here to learn about Tax Credits and our Demand Response program.http://www.r2ev.com/drshapeimage_9_link_0